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StartupMalaysia.org is a not-for-profit organization that aims to help increase the number of fundable startups in the technology space by inspiring the next generation of high-growth entrepreneurs through its various programs. The initiatives and programs by StartupMalaysia.org targets at young aspiring entrepreneurs – from schools through universities and also youth in general. StartupMalaysia.org aims to ignite and catalyze 500 scalable startups by 2015.

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Codecademy’s team of coders and educators are building a better way for anyone to learn - and teach - how to code. Its mission is to turn a world of technology consumers into one of empowered builders. Code fluency is changing from a highly specialized skill to a form of basic cultural and professional competency. Code is literacy.

Now, with over a million active users, Codecademy is not only educating the world, but also gathering data on how people learn online, what keeps them motivated, and what sorts of projects and social support enhance both retention and apprehension. The company also advocates for digital literacy in education and beyond.

For more information, visit www.codecademy.com

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Excellent schools producing distinguished generations
Developing the potential of individuals through quality education
  • To produce loyal and united Malaysians
  • To produce individuals who are devout, honorable, knowledgeable, competent and contented
  • To provide manpower for the development needs of the nation
  • To provide educational opportunities to all Malaysians

For more information, visit the official portal of Ministry of Education Malaysia here

Cradle, an agency under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia is the organization that manages the Cradle Investment Programme. The Ministry of Finance had allocated RM100 million to Cradle for this programme since it began in 2003. An additional RM50 million was recently added to the allocation for the 2011-2012 period, under the 10th Malaysia Plan. Cradle now runs two programs, the Cradle Investment Programme for funding development and commercialiaztion of technological ideas and companies, and the Coach and Grow Programme, a market driven programme to train entrepreneurs.

For more information, visit www.cradle.com.my.