Participants of D-Code Camp will take part in 2 post-camp activities upon returning to their schools. The activities are group project submission and knowledge sharing.

  1. Group Project
    • Steps to be taken:
      • Use template Idea Generation provided in the Camp as a guide to start the project
      • Develop your idea from the scratch using coding lessons learnt in the Camp (do not use ready-made template available in the Internet such as,
      • Finish your web site within 1 month after the Camp
      • Submit your project using Project Submission Form on
    • Category of project (application/website/games):
      • Education¬†¬†
      • Lifestyle eg. games, entertainment, health, green
      • Social
    • Your submission will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
      • Content
      • Structure
      • Visual design
      • Functionality
      • Interactivity
      • Innovation and creativity
  2. Knowledge Sharing
    • 1 D-Coder share knowledge with 10 friends
    • Invite friends and learn together to achieve minimum 200 points per person
    • As a group, get 100 coders in your school within 3 months
    • If successful, you and your school will be rewarded with ICT tokens
    • You can also invite and teach friends from other schools
    • The Secretariat will be monitoring your activities from time to time. Each school achievement will be posted on