D-Code is a program to help kids learn how to code. Coding in the internet age is like basic literacy skills - it enables any individual or child to create beautiful content on the cyber space - where tomorrow’s opportunities lie.

D-Code is a brainchild of StartupMalaysia.org. It was conceptualized by StartupMalaysia.org to deliver both online and classroom teaching to kids between the ages of 11 and 16.

For the first phase of this program (2013-2014), this initiative is supported by Cradle Fund Sdn.Bhd (Cradle). Cradle funds startup entrepreneurs at seed stage.

The vision for Cradle's partnership is to be part of the process of creating tomorrow's technology entrepreneurs.

The program is also supported by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

D-Code is a private initiative executed with the funding from the Government of Malaysia for its initial phase.