How can  I join D-Code camp?
In 2013 the program is being rolled out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education who helps us select participating schools based on pre-determined criteria. If you are attending a government secondary school and are interested to join the Camp, we suggest you speak to your teacher about this program and request that your principal get in touch with the local State Education Department to find out how your school can get involved.

General participant criteria
Selection of schools should be done collaboratively with JPN. The basic criteria each participating school must fulfill are:
  • Government schools
  • Have ICT unit and a computer lab with functioning computers
  • Have Internet access
  • Have teachers and students who are interested to participate in  program
  • School management is committed in the program
  • School will be able to conduct the pre-assessment test
  • School is able to identify at least 30 students to sit for the pre-assessment
The following criteria are used when selecting participants for the camp. Prospective participants should:
  • Be in Standard 5 (primary school) or Form 4 (secondary school).
  • Have good grades (at least 80%) in Mathematics, Science and English
  • Possess good personality and leadership qualities as well as a team player
  • Demonstrate motivation and interest in internet technology
  • Complete the pre-assessment test and score a minimum of 60 points

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