Overview 2013

D-Code Camp in 2013 will be 24 exciting 5-day residential program involving approximately 1,620 primary and secondary school students and teachers nationwide.

Participants will be immersed in the full complement of coding skills, including various coding languages, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The program content for D-Code camp has been carefully developed in collaboration with Codecademy, a leading online coding education provider based in the United States.

Exciting post camp activities are also being planned for the Camp participants that will see approximately the 10 most successful participants go on a one week study visit trip to the tech entrepreneurship capital of the world, Silicon Valley in the United States or other tech ecosystems.

with a tagline of Code. Create. Connect has been created to create this kick-start and to ignite the passion to explore the world of coding.


At the camp, participants will learn the basics of coding in a fun and interactive manner. At the camp, the participants are hand-held and supported by a group of qualified and experienced trainers and facilitators to empower the participants to explore the basics of coding.

The learning will be supported post-camp through a vibrant online community at www.d-code.co and interactive learning areas to enable each participant to pursue their coding passion without boundaries and at their own pace.


During the camp, participants will be required to work in groups to create a project based on their learning that intends to solve an identified problem or meet a need. They will continue to create the project both at camp as well as post-camp together with their friends.


D-Code camp gives participants the opportunity to connect with other schools nationwide through the camp as well as through the online community. The visit to Silicon Valley at the end of the camp will also enable them to connect to other young people passionate about coding.